Hi. My name is Michael Parekh.

I am an adventurous programmer pushing to use a creative mindset to solve big problems.

My Work

I aim to learn more and express my creative skills and personality through my projects!


My personal portfolio website created to centralize my projects and spread the message of the wondrous nature of programming!

About Me

I'm a student programmer and designer based in the Chicagoland area.

I was once told that "you can do anything you dream of as long as you put your mind to it". Through participating in many hackathons and programming competitions, I have met many amazing people and have gained valuable information in the field of technology. In addition, my experiences as a student leader at my high school has taught me the art of effective communication and leadership. Besides this, I enjoy playing the piano, taking inspiring pictures with my camera, and mountain biking down steep slopes. I strongly believe that success can be achieved with a fine balance of creativity, teamwork, and most importantly, dedication to the project!

Contact Me

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